Al Sailiyah Falcon Breeding Center
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Unlike many commercial breeders, we have never kept any of our techniques a secret, during the late 1990’s we ran a few one day courses covering incubation practices and Artificial insemination methods. A good number of present day UK raptor propagators attended these courses and several have gone on to run similar courses of their own.

Several years later the Israeli government sent a technician to us, over a two week period, to learn Artificial Insemination for use on their Bonelli’s eagle project. On a separate occasion a Japanese breeder was having difficulty obtaining Goshawk semen from his imprint male after many telephone calls; he got on a plane stayed with us for three days, flew home and had a donation of semen within 48 hours.

Richard Hill from Falcon MewsLike a number of the larger breeders, we have been approached several times to set up and manage breeding facilities within the Middle East. In the majority of occasions, once the project is looked at in depth, and reality sets in, the whole idea tends to fizzle out.

However in 2008 we undertook a consultation to breed falcons at the Al Sailiayah Falcon breeding centre in Doha, Qatar. A large part of the centre had been built but had been unsuccessful for a number of years. Once the owner had explained his full intentions for the project and offered to pull the whole place down and rebuild to our own specifications if needed, we could see that the project had a good possible future. We explained that we would make alterations to the present facility, to prove not only to them but also to us that we could get the results needed. Major changes were made to chambers, a new incubator room was kitted out plus a brooder room etc. Staffs were changed and training was then given by us both here in the UK and on many trips to Doha. Our first season saw the first chicks ever bred at the centre, with each subsequent year seeing an increase in production.

It has been a large learning curve for us, dealing with many issues which are new, such as Air flow, air conditioning, lighting programmes etc etc, but it has also been very interesting and rewarding. During 2011 several new extensions have been built including rat and quail breeding facilities, new staff houses and a large internal circular hack chamber. But most impressive of all is forty new chambers for pairs each measuring 8m x 4m x 4m, built over two levels complete with service lift it is truly state of the art. At the time of writing several pairs of Gyr and Sakers are copulating and the first season for the building has started well. A large emphasis is being placed on the breeding of the highest Quality pure Sakers and one complete level is being dedicated to them, with pure Gyrs and Peregrines taking up the other level.

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