Eagle breeders at Falcon Mews
Eagles breed at Falcon Mews

Of all the species we breed, eagles are the latest to be added to the collection. Most of our eagles and Eagle breeding at Falcon Mewshawk eagles were obtained as chick’s and imprinted by us. Due to maturation taking longer than in most other raptors, many of our eagles are only just reaching breeding age.
Keeping and breeding eagles has brought new challenges, which in truth was the major reason we decided to expand into them.

Bonelli Eagle hybrid from Falcon MewsThe first eagles to breed were a four year old pair of Steppe eagles during 2009; this is a pair which breeds naturally and has been successful every year since. Some of the eagles are naturally paired but the majority are fully imprinted for voluntary artificial insemination.

One imprint male Golden eagle produced semen at 3 years of age and we also have a 2nd golden male donating. 2011 saw the breeding of the first pure Golden via voluntary artificial insemination and our first (possible world first) Golden x Bonellis eagle. In addition we have hatched and reared several eagles from other breeding projects.

Additional species we hope to breed in the near future include, African Crowned, Martial, Verreaux, Bald, Bonellis and African Hawk eagle.

Breeding Crowned Eagles