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Falcon Mews UK Facility

We consider our facilities to be the best in the UK. In recent years we have demolished all the ageing chambers, so now all 200 chambers are bespoke and built to the highest standard.
We have tended to build in blocks for each species, i.e. imprint large falcon blocks, imprint eagle blocks and so on. Each block is individually designed and planned to suit both our own and its inhabitants full requirements. Full electricity, electric lighting, running water and CCTV are fitted as standard throughout the farm. From the office every chamber is reachable along concrete paths (no muddy shoes).

Gyr falcon chambers at falcon mewsAll falcon imprint chambers are solid roofed, with concrete floors covered with Astroturf carpet. For cleaning all perches and nest ledge fronts are detachable and along with the carpet are taken outside and steam cleaned. The entire walls of each of the 90 internal chambers are repainted every winter, which takes 1200 litres of paint.

Exterior chambers are stripped, steam cleaned, disinfected and the gravel on every nest ledge is replaced along with any heavy soiled gravel on the floor. This usually equates to around 30 tons per year. It takes four men working 5 days per week around 12 – 14 weeks to do a complete the annual clean.

Our weathering’s can house in excess of 100 blocked birds all secure under a safety net.

We have two large hexagon shaped hack chambers, which have recently been refurbished with a retractable roof net. The whole roof of each chamber can be winched to the floor in under ten minutes as a Incubation room at Falcon Mewsguard against snow damage in the winter.

Five large internal holding chambers for pre-export birds are fitted with Cooling fans, air-conditioning units, F10 foggers and Astroturf floors.
A state of the art climate controlled incubation room houses seven Brinsea contact incubators and seven Grumbach S84 incubators. A computer linked to the main hub transmits all egg data entered and can be viewed in the room.

The brooder room contains four Grumbach hatchers, nine Lyon Animal intensive care brooders and ten twin light brooders. All electric to these rooms is backed up with a generator. At the height of the season, this room has held over one hundred various chicks under 10 days of age. A 2nd larger brooder room is available for older chicks being imprinted.

Food is stored in a large walk in freezer and a separate temperature controlled room is used for thawing frozen food. KKK supply all frozen DOC’s, Quail and rodents. Several smaller suppliers supply fresh Quail, rifled rabbits and hares plus wood pigeons.

Vet facility at Falcon MewsA new area just completed is for veterinary use. This purpose built room includes full facilities for minor surgery by visiting vets including a full anaesthesia set up, operating tables and surgical sink. Other items include nebulising units, cryogenics set up for the freezing of semen, several microscopes including a laboratory grade digital scope, which allows us to video or photograph samples and e-mail to vets for 2nd opinions. Another computer joined to the hub allows all records to be reached and altered when required. We would like to thank Richard Jones MRCVS for his help in advising on equipment and room design