Goshawks and hawk hybrids at Falcon Mews
Goshawks bred at Falcon Mews


All our Goshawks are of Finnish or Russian decadency. Several white birds and a few buteoides and Goshawk Albidusalbidus have been added in recent years, all bred in Germany by Jorg Frye at “Northern Goshawks”. We work closely with several other breeders exchanging semen and bloodlines to keep all breeding stock as diverse as possible
We only breed from imprinted birds via voluntary Artificial insemination.
Young Goshawks can be imprinted or reared by imprinted female Goshawks in open fronted chambers, then moved to larger enclosed chambers in groups to become both physiologically and physically independent prior to being manned. All Goshawks are DNA sexed from egg shells. BirdsGoshawk-Black Sparrowhawk hybrids required for imprinting can only be collected once registered and the A10 has been received. We will try to expedite all legal paperwork so no hold ups will occur due to us.
We have been experimenting with cryogenics; semen obtained early in the season is frozen in liquid nitrogen to be used when needed any time in the future. Avian sperm varies tremendously in size and shape between species, falcon semen is proving very difficult to freeze due to Black Sparrowhawk for falconryits shape but Goshawk semen, like eagle semen, lends it self toward successful freezing. Two Goshawks were bred during 2008 from frozen semen. Further experimentation is still required to find the optimum type of cryo-protectant, freezing rates and thawing rates and this is an ongoing project.

Black Sparrowhawks and Hybrids.

We bred our first Goshawk – Black Sparrowhawk hybrids during the 2009 breeding season. These hybrids are bred from female Black Sparrowhawks, and were originally bred due to no Black Sparrowhawk semen being available. Seven hybrids were bred in the first season and now we annually produce around twelve to fifteen, as we now have three imprint females laying eggs. They have proven very popular in Japan, with the whole of the 2012 production being exported there. Pure Black Sparrowhawks have not been bred at our facility yet, but we are trying very hard.