Small Hybrid Falcons at Falcon Mews
Small Hybrid Falcons at Falcon Mews

Merlin Hybrids

We produce both Gyr-Merlin and Peregrine-Merlin hybrids. Both these mighty atoms make superb gameGyr-Merlin falcon breeding hawks, for falconers with access to more enclosed countryside. They can be flown direct off the fist for pursuit falconry and their agility needs to be witnessed to be believed. For those people involved in demonstration work, small-enclosed arenas are a nightmare of the past.
The production of Merlin hybrids is very limited we try to produce both black and white Gyr-Merlin’s with the Peregrine-Merlin’s usually being produced with semen from a Scottish Peregrine.
Pure Merlins may be available in the near future.

Aplomado hybrids

Annually we breed a small number of both Gyr – Aplomados and Peregrine – Aplomados. These hybrids Aplomado hybrid falconsare bred from three voluntary standing female Aplomados.
The Gyr hybrids can be quite extreme in colour and females leave the chambers at around 750 grams. Nearly all of these hybrids have been exported but we have had many repeat customers saying how well they have performed.

It is hoped that once our male Aplomado matures we will be able to supply pure Aplomados.